Colossal movie review: becoming the monster

I often worry that being a critic has made me jaded, that seeing more movies than is probably healthy for any one person to see has soured my love of movies. But then along comes a film like Colossal to remind me that that is not the case. A film like Colossal tells me that the problem is not me, and the problem is not seeing too many movies. The problem is that too many movies are too similar to too many other movies, and that too many filmmakers are too comfortable with using easy clichés and lazy narrative techniques to tell stories we’ve already seen a million times before. (I don’t understand this! Isn’t this as boring for those filmmakers as it is for us? But that’s a rant for another day.) A film like Colossal shocks and surprises because it upends those clichés and finds new narrative techniques with such confident ease that you wonder why all those other filmmakers can’t be bothered to try to be just a teeny bit different.